Two inspiring short films about space explorers

December 8, 2014 at 8:28 PM

Being able to imagine and visualize the future helps us build it. Here are two beautiful videos about a possible time when mankind ventures into the solar system.

Erik Wernquist created his piece based on real places in our solar system, with Carl Sagan’s voice narrating an excerpt from his book Pale Blue Dot which lends the movie an epic and inspirational tone. You can find here an awesome roundup of the locations shown in the movie, including Titan where the gravity and atmospheric composition are such that you could strap on wings and fly around safely like a bird.

Wanderers a short film by Erik Wernquist


The second video shows an astronaut flying over Mars in a spaceship. Other Lives is the band behind this music video for the song ‘For 12’. The navigation equipment and HUD look very cool and it gave me a sense that the astronaut was bringing the barren landscape to life through all the data being projected. A nice complement to this video is a time-lapse animation by NASA which shows Mars’ geological evolution from water on the surface to the desert we know today.

Other Lives - For 12 (Official Video)