A new Android phone, by Pepsi

October 15, 2015 at 7:17 PM

Startling to some but genius to others, Pepsi has confirmed partnering with a Chinese phone manufacturer to release the Pepsi P1; a limited edition Android phone in China.

The specs are the current average for a 5 inch Android Phone. Ad Age has some interesting comments about Pepsi’s youth-centered strategy and the possibility of the phone being a medium to deliver branded entertainment content.

With the cost of hardware trending downwards every year, it is not excessive to think that one day brands will practically give away gadgets in an attempt to win people’s attention, possibly the most valuable commodity anywhere. 

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Pepsi P1 Abdroid Phone

Pepsi P1 Abdroid Phone

Disney’s Concept 3D Printer Makes Soft Plush Toys

July 29, 2015 at 12:53 PM

When we think of 3D printing we usually think of solid objects, but the folks at Disney Research decided to try something else.

A Layered Fabric 3D Printer for Soft Interactive Objects

This conceptual (yet working) printer uses off the shelf fabric, laser cutters and a “heat sensitive adhesive” to bring it all together. Not only that, it weaves conductive fabric into the process to turn the toy into an interactive input device.

Disney's 3D printed soft fabric toy

Disney’s 3D printed soft fabric toy

The applications are no doubt numerous. In Disney’s case for example you could imagine a subscription service where they send families new characters on a regular basis.

I was also surprised to find out that Disney has not just one, but six research labs.

Even if everyone doesn’t end up having one of these in their home, the implications of this technology for stocking retail stores and supply chains in general are tremendous.

200 years since The Battle of Waterloo

June 18, 2015 at 4:18 PM

A day can decide the future of nations. June 18 1815 was such a day.

The ferocious battle that was Waterloo stands out as one of the most critical historically, and interesting tactically.

British newspaper The Telegraph released an enthralling series of articles to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle, here is an excerpt from the introduction:

The morning of June 18 1815 saw 180,000 men, 60,000 horses and 500 pieces of artillery crammed into 2½ sq miles of Belgian countryside. In the nine frantic hours that followed, a quarter-century of central European warfare was brought to a close, leaving more than 44,000 dead, dying and wounded on the field. It was an extraordinary event.

Waterloo may have been “the nearest run thing you saw in your life” – as the Duke of Wellington famously described it – but it was also the turning point in the history of modern Europe, bringing Napoleon Bonaparte’s rampage across the continent to an end and ushering in one of the most peaceful centuries of history.

Louis Dumoulin - Marechal Ney à Waterloo

Louis Dumoulin – Marechal Ney à Waterloo

This two minute video sums up the stakes and main events of the battle:

How the Battle of Waterloo was won

For more detail there is also a fantastic timeline of events in “liveblogging” style that narrates the events of the day as they unfolded. The Battle of Waterloo, as it happened on June 18, 1815

For the historian, here is the order of battle detailing unit, commander, ranks and materiel.

The lessons from Waterloo are useful today, the valour displayed timeless.

William Sadler - Battle of Waterloo

William Sadler – Battle of Waterloo

Lady Butler - Quatre Bras 1815

Lady Butler – Quatre Bras

 ‘Next to a battle lost, the greatest misery is a battle gained.’
— Duke of Wellington Arthur Wellesley

10 Google Tools for Video Insights, Planning and Research

May 11, 2015 at 5:39 PM
Google Planning Tools for Video

Google Planning Tools for Video

Online video is a powerful way to build brands and sell products online. To create great video campaigns you need to start with tools and resources which lead you to discover the best research, insights and data for what you are trying to achieve.

This is a list focused on Google’s planning tools for video, which complements the other more general list on Google planning tools: 23 Google Tools for Planning, Research and Insights


YouTube Ads Leaderboard – Think With Google

A list which month to month has the most active videos on YouTube. The ranking is organized into several categories including by month, brand, type of content and others. It also includes an Agency leaderboard which ranks the top Creative and Media agencies on YouTube.



Trending on YouTube – Google Trends

Did you know YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world?  With the video section of Google Trends you can see what videos have been trending by market on YouTube in the past 24 hours or in previous days.



Video & Display Benchmarks Tool

Lets you pull up-to-date industry benchmarks such as click-through rate, view-through rate, interaction rate and time, expansion rate and video completions. You can slice the data by country, vertical, ad size and ad format, and can view it as a map, data snapshot, or a trends view.



YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics lets you monitor the performance of your channel and videos with up-to-date metrics and reports. There’s a ton of data available in different reports (e.g. Views, Traffic sources, Demographics).



Video Insights – Think With Google

A collection of articles, case studies, infographics and other material related to the art and science of online video campaigns.



Google Display Planner

Find online content that your audience is likely to visit and discover suggestions on new ways to connect with them using all of the targeting options available on the Google Display Network. Simply enter demographics and sites associated with your ideal customers and the tool will suggest thousands of new websites, mobile applications and video channels for your ads.



YouTube Trends Dashboard

A YouTube tool where you can track what’s being viewed and shared around the world. Compare trending videos by age, gender and location so you can discover viewers’ passions, whatever their demographic.



Video Trends – Think With Google

YouTube trends beyond the most popular videos including Featured Highlights, Creator Spotlight, YouTube Insights, Brand Spotlight and more.



Google Developers Tools for YouTube

YouTube provides several APIs and tools that let you integrate the YouTube experience into your website, mobile app, or device. This site is designed to help you to determine which APIs and tools best suit your needs.



YouTube Creator Tools

If you are generating and uploading content to YouTube then you need YouTube’s suite of tools designed to help you create better content, build fan bases, and make more money. There is also a useful Android app available called ‘YouTube Creator Studio’  which includes a lot of the tools showcased.