Heat Martian Soil, Get Water

October 2, 2013 at 9:51 PM

This staggering discovery coming from NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars has serious implications for future exploration.

Nasa Curiosity rover on Mars

Nasa Curiosity rover on Mars

From BBC:

“If you think about a cubic foot of this dirt and you just heat it a little bit – a few hundred degrees – you’ll actually get off about two pints of water – like two water bottles you’d take to the gym,” Dr Leshin explained.

“And this dirt on Mars is interesting because it seems to be about the same everywhere you go. If you are a human explorer, this is really good news because you can quite easily extract water from almost anywhere.”

Simplifying the matter, pretty much to get water anywhere on Mars you just have to carry around a small oven, dump dirt in it and out comes water! Separate the H2O molecule and you get oxygen to breathe and hydrogen for fuel. Martian dirt is about 2% water by weight.

There is no longer any scientific question about it; about 4 billion years ago Mars was a wet world exceedingly similar to ours. It’s high time humanity travel to Mars and resurrect it back to it’s past glory!

Check out this NASA video which illustrates what the planet looked like back then.

NASA | Mars Evolution


The more we explore our solar system, the more we discover it is full possibilities. Exciting times to be sure.

2% of Martian soil is water

2% of Martian soil is water