Powerful VICE movie about living in Japan’s nuclear evacuation zone

June 21, 2019 at 8:04 AM

Japan has had a complicated relationship with nuclear energy ever since it was harnessed at the end of the Second World War. This interesting and harrowing documentary tells the story of two men who decided to go back and live alone in ghost towns inside the Fukushima evacuation zone.

The Last Farmer in Fukushima's Post-Nuclear Wasteland: VICE INTL (Japan)

VICE: The Last Farmer in Fukushima’s Post-Nuclear Wasteland

From the YouTube description:

“Two years since the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant went into full meltdown, and the resulting 20km evacuation zone was enforced, one farmer still remains behind braving high levels of radiation and loneliness to tend to abandoned animals.

His name is Naoto Matsumura, and he is the last man standing in the ghost town of Tomioka. Another farmer, Kenji Hasegawa’s town of Iidate was also evacuated due to high levels of radiation, he sought refuge in temporary housing. Faced with a post­nuclear world both these men share brutally honest views on the state of their lives, TEPCO, government inaction and some of the hardest situations they have had to face in the midst of overwhelming radioactivity.”

The Last Farmer in Fukushima's Post-Nuclear Wasteland: VICE INTL (Japan)

VICE: The Last Farmer in Fukushima’s Post-Nuclear Wasteland

Incredibly disciplined and serene, the two men in the documentary exemplify Japan’s staunch and disciplined values. There are some incredible anecdotes which make you stop and marvel both at the immense scale of the disaster, as well as it’s depressingly permanent impact on the lives of people and animals.

Japan continues to struggle with atomic energy, a struggle which despite the suffering will likely help future generations everywhere deal with their own physical and spiritual challenges in the face of nuclear disaster.

The Last Farmer in Fukushima's Post-Nuclear Wasteland: VICE INTL (Japan)

Howdy, Austin!

April 16, 2017 at 1:29 PM

My wife and I recently moved to the beautiful city of Austin, Texas.

Check out some of the sights!

South Congress Avenue – Austin

Perla’s, awesome Oysters! – Austin

Feather bar? – Austin

Various art pieces on a lamp post – Austin

Google resources to support the hiring of veterans

November 16, 2014 at 2:27 PM
Google Doodle for Veterans Day

Google Doodle for Veterans Day

Google announced this month a new website to encourage and help veterans to apply for jobs at the company. In the official blog post titled ‘The doors are open for veterans at Google’ there are more details about the kind of resources veterans can find including mentoring, virtual classes, a way to match their military skills with existing teams at Google, among others.

The intro video says it best:

Veterans Make Great Googlers


This builds on the efforts of Google’s existing group ‘Google Veterans Network’ (Website, G+ Page) but this site focuses squarely on the issue of recruiting top veteran talent to Google.

Supporting veterans is a noble and smart move for the company considering the kind of skills and behaviors it takes to succeed in a professional military.

The doors are open for veterans at Google

The doors are open for veterans at Google


Constitute: Making The Foundations of Free Societies Available to All

September 24, 2013 at 11:22 PM

What an inspiring project. See the video.

Making such important documents, the basis of statehood, available to anyone in the world is a supreme example of the power and importance of a free and open Internet.

Google Ideas has supported the Comparative Constitutions Project to build Constitute, a website that makes available over 150 constitutions from around the world that are also searchable by topic. It is so easy to take freedom and democracy for granted, many still struggle for it and many will have to struggle to keep it. But such an incredible resource is a positive harbinger of a world closer to peace.

Constitute -- A new way to search the world's constitutions


The historic struggle of humanity’s natural need to be free and live in democracy against tyrants and oppressors who seek to keep it down carries on. The spilt blood of the free who have stood for liberty has not been in vain so long as this kind of progress continues; to serve those yearning to improve their lives through the improvement of their societies.

Constitute: The world's Constitutions available to all

Constitute: The world’s Constitutions available to all – www.constituteproject.org

 Source: Official Google Blog post about Constitute