Introducing my wife’s first company: Prospop

August 28, 2016 at 8:35 PM
Prospop logo


My wife just launched her first company, a digital advertising service for Latin American and US Hispanic companies.

I’m very proud to be able to announce it here.

In her words:

Prospop’s mission is to make advertising easy for all businesses. We offer a low cost but exceedingly professional digital advertising service with innovative mobile cloud reports and stellar service. Essentially you can outsource your digital marketing efforts for a fraction of what a traditional agency would cost.
– Alejandra Moyers

Prospop - Making digital advertising easy for all businesses

Prospop – Making digital advertising easy for all businesses

If YouTube advertising works for Homer Simpson, it can work for your SMB too

December 23, 2015 at 1:25 PM

YouTube recently launched an amusing ad campaign featuring The Simpsons to promote advertising for small and medium businesses on the platform.

Homer Simpson saves the day with YouTube


The online video spot was announced on the Google and Your Business blog with some interesting accompanying data:

  • SMBs make up the majority of advertising on YouTube today, having doubled in the last two years.
  • More than 50% of YouTube views are mobile, happening either on a Smartphone or Tablet.
  • YouTube today reaches more people 18 to 34 than any cable network.
  • “How To” videos on YouTube have grown 70% over the past year. These kinds of videos are a great way to connect with consumers through useful content.


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Homer Simpson saves the day with YouTube

Homer Simpson saves the day with YouTube

Outdoor billboards now served by Google’s DoubleClick platform

November 2, 2015 at 12:06 PM

According to an article published yesterday in Business Insider, Google is testing DoubleClick ad delivery technology on outdoor digital billboards in London. Forbes wrote that this experiment builds on a 2013 project called “Google Outside” that Google and R/GA piloted to show billboards that adapt to people’s context throughout the day.

DoubleClick is the leading programmatic platform to serve digital banner ads.

This is yet another step in the integration (or assimilation) of offline and online media and extends Google’s advertising reach into digital OOH billboards.

The idea is that passers-by will see the most relevant ads for the time of day and location they are in. If the passing audience isn’t the right one to show an ad to, then the technology opts not to serve an ad.

Business Insider - A YouTube ad at Vauxhall roundabout, London.

Business Insider – A YouTube ad at Vauxhall roundabout, London.

A new Android phone, by Pepsi

October 15, 2015 at 7:17 PM

Startling to some but genius to others, Pepsi has confirmed partnering with a Chinese phone manufacturer to release the Pepsi P1; a limited edition Android phone in China.

The specs are the current average for a 5 inch Android Phone. Ad Age has some interesting comments about Pepsi’s youth-centered strategy and the possibility of the phone being a medium to deliver branded entertainment content.

With the cost of hardware trending downwards every year, it is not excessive to think that one day brands will practically give away gadgets in an attempt to win people’s attention, possibly the most valuable commodity anywhere. 

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Pepsi P1 Abdroid Phone

Pepsi P1 Abdroid Phone