Introducing my wife’s first company: Prospop

August 28, 2016 at 8:35 PM
Prospop logo


My wife just launched her first company, a digital advertising service for Latin American and US Hispanic companies.

I’m very proud to be able to announce it here.

In her words:

Prospop’s mission is to make advertising easy for all businesses. We offer a low cost but exceedingly professional digital advertising service with innovative mobile cloud reports and stellar service. Essentially you can outsource your digital marketing efforts for a fraction of what a traditional agency would cost.
– Alejandra Moyers

Prospop - Making digital advertising easy for all businesses

Prospop – Making digital advertising easy for all businesses

Turning the tide on music piracy with Big Data

December 21, 2013 at 2:42 PM

The Internet has been disrupting the music industry since the days of Napster more than a decade ago when file-sharing was unleashed in earnest on the world. The major music labels are gasping for breath as they see their traditional business models erode. But there are however other players that are finding creative solutions to turn “pirate” fans into paying customers.

A recent story suggested that Iron Maiden came up with an ingenious solution with the help of some music analytics companies to figure out where in the world their music was being pirated the most and then embark on intensive touring of those locations. The strategy appears to have worked, Iron Maiden has been outperforming the music industry by a wide margin and has made millions of dollars touring Latin America.

BitTorrent traffic can be analyzed extensively along with social media and other digital channels. Gregory Mead, CEO and co-founder of the London-based firm Musicmetric said:

Having an accurate real time snapshop of key data streams is all about helping inform people’s decision making. If you know what drives engagement you can maximize the value of your fan base. Artists could say ‘we’re getting pirated here, let’s do something about it’, or ‘we’re popular here, let’s play a show’.

This is a great example of how Big Data can unlock opportunities for those willing to seek them out with an open mind.

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Iron Maiden Mexico Tour T-shirt art

The Only Advertising Medium That Could Reach 100% of the World’s Population

November 24, 2013 at 9:23 AM

Today’s world is the most connected in history; global brands spread their message far and wide thanks to the reach that television, mobile handsets and other technology afford. But no medium exists that can target a message to all of Earth’s population at the same time.

There is however one advertising medium that while theoretical could have immediate and guaranteed reach for everyone on Earth: An orbiting billboard in space.

Theoretical Orbital Mirror Array for Possible Advertisement Use

Theoretical Orbital Mirror Array for Possible Advertisement Use

While the idea is certainly dystopian (who wants to see an advertisement for diapers floating next to the Moon every night?) it nonetheless illustrates a solution to the idea of reaching literally everyone at the same time. There is also the possibility that such an orbiting artifact be used for propaganda, something many people and governments would protest against.  This towering billboard in space would need to be an absolutely massive array of mirrors or other reflective material, probably in the order of several km².

The medium that get’s the closest to having truly global reach is mobile, but even when Smartphone penetration reaches 100% of the globe there will be so many different platforms, apps and user-contexts that the challenge of showing an ad on everyone’s screen during a specific timeframe is titanic. A space-based billboard would require no device, only that people look up.

Space advertising in general doesn’t really exist in any form today, but it will. As commercial uses of Space such as tourism continue to develop rapidly, sooner or later we will see a whole new industry emerge around this novel concept.

Boomer Stocks II: Assisted Living Providers

August 24, 2013 at 8:25 AM

Boomer Stocks is a series of investment ideas about companies serving the needs of retired and retiring people, particularly those who belong to the baby boom generation.


(Based on a previously published post I wrote for / 5 biggest publicly traded assisted living providers of 2010 / 09-06-2010)

Assisted Living is an industry that provides premium living facilities and care for seniors that falls somewhere between an independent living community and a skilled nursing facility in terms of the level of care provided. I consider this model to be the “sweet spot” in providing care to the affluent elderly because they can live in a community and be cared for at a high level while maintaing a respectable level of independence.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living, one of the ideal models for senior care.

This industry is set to explode in the next 20 years thanks to the demand that will be generated by retiring Baby Boomers and the hefty savings they have stashed away for decades. As a business model Assisted Living is a service that relies on scale. The more residents they have the cheaper it gets to service them thanks to economies of scale.

The corporations displayed in the chart below measure their size in residents and capacity. There is a distinction between “resident capacity” which are directly owned and operated facilities and “residents” (which can be a bigger or lower number than units due to associations with third parties). The resident and capacity numbers from the chart are distinct and come from different sources, some official and some not. It is interesting to note that some companies do not fully own all of their resident units nor serve all of their “residents” themselves.


Spacious room in an Assisted Living community

These companies run their business with facilities they own, partially own and some they have been hired to manage. This means that their “assistance portfolio” (as I call it) most likely has a mixture of facilities that are fully owned, leased, managed, are joint-venture deals and so on.

The point mentioned in the previous paragraph shows that this industry’s capacity/residents metrics can be murky and even misleading to an investor. I daresay that this post’s numbers and distinction between capacity and actual occupancy may also be foggy so tread carefully.

The companies listed here are those that only offer services to seniors and does not include companies that are diversified; meaning that they also operate care facilities which are not directly related to assisted living such as rehabilitation centers.

Here are the 5 biggest assisted living companies on the U.S. stock market in 2010 and an accompanying table which I drew up with what I considered to be important metrics for analyzing these stocks in the context of their industry:

•     Sunrise Senior Living – SRZ
•     Emeritus Corporation – ESC
•     Brookdale Senior Living, Inc. – BKD
•     Five Star Quality Care, Inc. – FVE
•     Assisted Living Concepts, Inc. – ALC

5 biggest publicly traded assisted living providers of 2010

5 biggest publicly traded assisted living providers of 2010


Sources for research and criteria: Medical News Today, Healthcare Digital, AARP, Assisted Senior Living .net, ALFA and Google Finance (Financial data according to the most recent annual report available).

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